Friday, January 14, 2011

From the Frozen Northland - Tok, Alaska

Well, I've been lurking for days now, and I've finally decided to "join" the fun.   Seeing tatters join from all over the world is truly exciting.   I've been tatting for 30+ years, so finding an online group of tatters is great fun.   I've never participated before; in fact, I didn't know about TIAS until I learned of it from another site.  I really don't have a guess at this point, but perhaps I will later.   If you saw my blog title, you can see that I'm from Alaska.   Here in Interior Alaska (about 90 miles from the Yukon Territory, Canada), it's negative 45 degrees F. this a.m.   When I hear of others talking about cold, I think this term is relative.   We don't consider it cold until it's - 35 degrees F. or colder.   Today it's cold, and it's time to booty my dogs' feet before they venture outside.  For me it means bundling in many layers.   Stay warm wherever you are and happy tatting.